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Ontario Distributors

Production Facility, Courtright Ontario

Covered storage insures integrity of finished liquids.

Truck Loading Station

Fast Multi-vehicle Loading Station helps product deliveries, especially during seasonal peaks. 

Tug with Barge

Preparing to ship Trillium calcium to strategic distribution terminals along the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Environmental Chamber

Used to test moisture absorption and retention of various chloride solutions under climate controlled conditions.

Doctoral candidate

Records and analyzes data obtained during testing in climate controlled environmental chamber.

Spray System

Trillium's distributors use time-tested spray systems to allow for proper application rates and penetration of product into road surface.

Marine Dock

Trillium's marine dock along the St. Clair River allows large capacity vessel shipments throughout the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Rail Siding

for those without marine access, Trillium has a 30 railcar siding at its production facility hooked into the CN/CSX Rail Networks. 

Trillium Calcium solutions help with well stabilized, dust-controlled safe roads.  Keep your gravel on the road...not in the air.

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Producer of Concentrated Calcium Chloride Solutions

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 1.  Pollard Highway Products:

   Municipal, Industrial and Retail Accounts throughout Ontario

  Contact:  Kevin Pollard, Vice President Marketing    email  Kevin

  Contact:  John Roung, General Manager    email John

  Contact:  Paul Kay, Sales     email Paul



2.  TBell Transport

Mining, Logging and Retail.  Northern Ontario

   Hwy 17, Nairn Centre, Ontario

   Contact: Ted Bell 705-869-5959

3.  Wm Day Construction

Industrial/Mining - Northern Ontario

2500 Elm St., Azilda, Ontario

Contact:  Everett Day or Stephen Dionne  705-682-1555


4.  Northern Logistics

Industrial/Mining - Northern Ontario

1020 Elizabella St., Sudbury, Ontario

Contact:  Bruce Matthews   705-524-6666


5.  Mobile Sweeping

Industrial and Retail

Southwestern Ontario, London, Ontario

Contact:  Jamie or John Edgar   705-524-6666


6.  Miller Paving Ltd. / Transportation Logistics Group

Municipal, Industrial and Retail

Central Ontario

Contact:  Randy Murphy   905-475-6660   email Randy




1.  Les Enterprises Bourget Inc,.

Municipal, Industrial, Retail

Central and Eastern Quebec

Contact:  Luc Delangis   800-861-6646  or  450-755-6646


2.  Les Calcium Liquides de L'Abitibit-Temiscanique

Municipal, Industrial, Retail

Northwestern Quebec - Guerin, Quebec

Contact: Martin Paquin   819-629-2223



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