Production Plant

Courtright, Ontario

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Production Facility, Courtright Ontario

Covered storage insures integrity of finished liquids.

Truck Loading Station

Fast Multi-vehicle Loading Station helps product deliveries, especially during seasonal peaks. 

Tug with Barge

Preparing to ship Trillium calcium to strategic distribution terminals along the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Environmental Chamber

Used to test moisture absorption and retention of various chloride solutions under climate controlled conditions.

Doctoral candidate

Records and analyzes data obtained during testing in climate controlled environmental chamber.

Spray System

Trillium's distributors use time-tested spray systems to allow for proper application rates and penetration of product into road surface.

Marine Dock

Trillium's marine dock along the St. Clair River allows large capacity vessel shipments throughout the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Rail Siding

for those without marine access, Trillium has a 30 railcar siding at its production facility hooked into the CN/CSX Rail Networks. 

Trillium Calcium solutions help with well stabilized, dust-controlled safe roads.  Keep your gravel on the road...not in the air.

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Producer of Concentrated Calcium Chloride Solutions

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The Trillium Family

Since 1937 the Pollard Trillium family network has led the way in Dust Control and Road Stabilization in Ontario.

Pollard family ownership has been active through the evolution of liquid calcium chloride production from its origin in Ontario with the Bruner Mond Corporation in the mid 1930's to Allied Chemical and to General Chemical.  The demise of General Chemical in 2005, ultimately created a void in Ontario calcium production.  Trillium, owned by 3rd generation family, with its foresight, experience and reputation in the industry, saw this void as an opportunity and invested accordingly using the latest technology available.  

The opening of its' Courtright production plant in 2012 gave Trillium the diversity to offer both economical natural brines and concentrated calcium chloride solutions.  All liquids can be blended to satisfy the needs for both Summer Dust Control and Winter Snow/Ice Control.  Additional enhancers for better corrosion protection, more effective applications and environmental protection are also available for blends produced by Trillium. 

The special process also generates sodium chloride as a by-product which is further processed into winter snow and ice control salt through a relationship with another producer. 

Whether you need a Truckload, Railcar or Boatload, Trillium is ready to satisfy you from its plant or remote terminals in Ontario and through its reliable Distributor network. 


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