Technical Information

Tech. Info/MSDS - Index Page

Technical Information/MSDS - Index Page

Production Facility, Courtright Ontario

Covered storage insures integrity of finished liquids.

Truck Loading Station

Fast Multi-vehicle Loading Station helps product deliveries, especially during seasonal peaks. 

Tug with Barge

Preparing to ship Trillium calcium to strategic distribution terminals along the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Environmental Chamber

Used to test moisture absorption and retention of various chloride solutions under climate controlled conditions.

Doctoral candidate

Records and analyzes data obtained during testing in climate controlled environmental chamber.

Spray System

Trillium's distributors use time-tested spray systems to allow for proper application rates and penetration of product into road surface.

Marine Dock

Trillium's marine dock along the St. Clair River allows large capacity vessel shipments throughout the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Seaway systems. 

Rail Siding

for those without marine access, Trillium has a 30 railcar siding at its production facility hooked into the CN/CSX Rail Networks. 

Trillium Calcium solutions help with well stabilized, dust-controlled safe roads.  Keep your gravel on the road...not in the air.

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Producer of Concentrated Calcium Chloride Solutions

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Trillium Products are regularly tested to ensure quality standards are maintained using test methods and laboratory equipment necessary to guarantee product performance.  Products are analyzed throughout the production processes, using in-house lab resources, and also regularly through independent lab consultants. 

 In addition to lab testing products have experienced field trials to determine their effectiveness under real-world environmental conditions - where it matters most. 

The analysis and field applications performed on Trillium's chloride based products support its ability to satisfy many industry standards that include summer and winter performance, environmental and safety considerations.  A summary of the most significant credentials follow:

  1. Ontario Standard Specification OPSS2510 as amended April 2015......view OPSS2501 

    Trillium's concentrated calcium-magnesium solutions are processed to satisfy the summer and winter applications respectively of Ontario's OPSS2501 for calcium chloride. 

  2. Ontario Road Authority-Accepted for Use:

    Trillium's natural 20% calcium/magnesium solutions and processed 35% calcium-magnesium solution have received The Ontario Road Authority's "Accepted for Use" designation.

  3. Ontario Ministry of Transportation - Exemption for Mastermelt Product Line.......view Letter

    Trillium's Mastermelt product line satisfies the Ministry's guidelines for winter use as a direct liquid and pre-wet agent and are accordingly exempt from restrictions applicable to mixed natural brine solutions. 

  4. Quebec Government Certificate of Conformity - BNQ........ view Certificate - English view Certificate - French

    Trillium's 35% calcium-magnesium solution has satisfied the rigorous chemical, performance, toxicological/environmental tests required for use by Quebec municipalities annually since 2012 and holds the Certificate of Conformity for this product. 

  5. MSDS Sheets

        a)  Calcium-Magnesium Solutions- 29% to 38% blends........    view -  DM35.......29 - 35% Cal-Mag Solution

        b)  Dustmaster20 - Natural multi-chloride brine 20% calcium chloride equivalency........ view MSDS DM20

        c)  Mastermelt Series Winter Mixed natural Brines........ view MSDS

    University of Windsor- FedEv Study 2112 on Dust Control and Road Stabilization

    In 2012 the University of Windsor, under the auspices of the FedDev Ontario ARC Program, conducted a study of the concentrated calcium-magnesium chloride brine currently marketed by Trillium as DM35.enviroside

    The study took over six months to complete using an environmental chamber testing and comparing commonly used 35% calcium chloride, 30% magnesium chloride to the concentrated calcium-magnesium brine now marketed as DM35 Temperatures and humidity levels were varied to reflect what actually would be experienced under true environmental conditions.  Moisture absorption and retention were measured under these varying  conditions over time and the results were carefully recorded, plotted and tabulated. 

    The following statement is an excerpt from the conclusion of the study by Wei Feng, M.Eng (doctoral candidate, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ) and Keith Taylor, PHD, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Windsor. 

    "According to the hygroscopicity and recovery tests conducted here, the concentrated brine has shown a very close water uptake ability, recovery and stability as commercial calcium chloride and magnesium chloride under summer conditions. "


    When tested against 30% magnesium chloride, the concentrated brine, in fact showed an "equal to" or greater than ability to absorb water from the environment at 25C and 70% relative humidity.  (see graph below)  Trillium's concentrated brine (DM35) continued to collect moisture up to 55 hours where it leveled off and held moisture for the duration of the test. 





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